About Andy

My name is Andy Sogge. Here I am, all 5’2 of me; don’t worry I wear heels like a pro and stools are my best friend, so your pictures won’t all be from a low angle. My passion for art and photography has been a cornerstone of expression throughout my life. I have travelled the world and explored its diversity through the eyes of different cultures, capturing the essence and spirit of the world we share through the lens of a camera. Whether traversing my home of Central Alberta or the far flung regions of Asia and Europe, my goal is to create an experience for those looking at my photos; to share in the adventure and diversity of life’s moments.

For all of life’s special occasions, one true way to capture the memory is with a beautiful picture. I pride myself in offering a professional product in my photography (I’m a bit of a techie and I am a Nikon gal through and through). But, being a photographer is more than technically creating a photo, it’s about sharing in and enhancing the milestones of life. I am so honored to have a job that enables me to be apart of people’s lives and share in some amazing moments. Those special moments, whether it’s celebrating love, discovering your inner goddess, or commemorating a rare gathering, are unique to you and I’m here to capture them.

Andy Marie Photography captures the moments you’ve waited for.