The Boomchucka Boys

Posted on Mar 4, 2013 by in Portrait | 0 comments

I love shooting weddings and families, but when The Boomchucka Boys approached me about doing their album shoot, I was over the moon – for many reasons! First off, it was a great opportunity to stretch the other creative side of my photography – band and editorial. Secondly, I canʼt think of a more talented local band to be in cahoots with. Finally, their energy and stage presence is incredible and I knew it would be a blast to do a shoot with them. And I was right. We took a Saturday afternoon and played around with different lighting and outfits and came away with some great images.

Watch out for these fellas – or better yet, listen for them – theyʼre going to be BIG. If you get the rare chance to see them live, DO IT! The Boomchucka Boys single comes out March 25th with their full album to follow in April. Listen for their rad single on your local radio stations and check ʻem out online:

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